The Annual Fund

Ensures our ability to function.
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Endowment Reserves

Ensures our ability to endure.


Why an endowment?

Every private college and university in America relies on an endowment as a permanent bedrock that supports their critical operations—and provides precious fuel for expansion.

Most important, an endowment helps ensure MIU’s long-term viability by providing crucial economic stability in a downturn.

An endowment fulfills this critical need. With the donor’s and trustees’ permission, the University can borrow temporarily against its Endowment to survive the coronavirus pandemic—as well as any future catastrophe.

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Planned Giving

Funds the future of the university.


Many people like to support the institutions that mean the most to them with a gift through their will or trust, or other type of planned arrangement. These gifts, known as planned gifts, are usually, though not always, fulfilled upon the person’s passing.

Planned gifts provide a unique opportunity for you to create a lasting legacy.

They provide a way for you to pass on your values – what you have found to be most worthy of preserving for future generations.

Additionally, planned gifts are a way to achieve certain charitable and financial goals, and may yield certain federal tax advantages.


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