Support Kara’s Project: Non-Cash Gifts to MIU
Thank you for considering a non-cash gift to support Kara’s project. This initiative is dedicated to renovating and refurnishing MIU’s apartments for our valued staff and faculty on campus.

How to Contribute: 

  1. Initial Consultation: Before starting to fill out the form below, we recommend reaching out to Kara Anastasio at 641-451-7014 or via email at While we appreciate most non-cash gifts, MIU might not accept every item due to specific reasons. Kara can provide guidance on the suitability of your gift for this project.
  2. Online Submission: After contacting Kara and receiving instructions to fill out the form provided below, once you click the submit button, your information will be directly sent to the MIU Development Office.

Additional Documentation:

To expedite the processing of your gift, consider providing:

  1. Digital photos of the item(s).
  2. Images of any original purchase receipts.
  3. You must file one or more Forms 8283 if the amount of your deduction for each non-cash contribution is more than $500. You must also file Form 8283 if you have a group of similar items for which a total deduction of over $500 is claimed.  Please click here to access the Form 8283.
  4. If your gift’s value is more than $5,000, Part IV of Form 8283 should be filled out by an appraiser. Please send a digital copy of such an appraisal.  Detailed instructions are available on the IRS website.  Please click here to access the Form 8283. 

Once completed, you can email Form 8283, along with any other relevant items, to with “Non-Cash Gift” in the subject line.

Things to Note:

  1. All donations, including gifts of property, need to be recorded at the Development Office to be acknowledged as official donations to the University.
  2. If you’ve already coordinated with Kara, she will liaise with us to ensure proper accounting of the gift.
    If you need more guidance, please consider contacting the Development Office at 641-472-1180 or
  3. Upon the receipt of your gift, we will send you a thank-you letter that includes a detailed description of the gift mentioned on the donation form. This letter can be used for tax documentation. The Internal Revenue Service suggests a thorough description to enhance the validity of the thank-you letter for tax purposes.


  1. MIU does not offer tax, legal, or accounting advice. The information provided here is for general informational purposes only. Always consult with professional advisors for any tax, legal, or accounting considerations related to your gift.
  2. We do not value or estimate the value of any noncash gifts; this is the responsibility of the donor.