MIU Wege Gallery

The Wege Gallery (est. 2021) is the primary exhibition space at Maharishi University, operated by the Director of the Wege Gallery and the MIU Art Department. The gallery hosts 4-5 shows per year featuring artists from across the country, including student and faculty exhibitions. 

The Wege Gallery is an essential teaching tool within the Art. Department at MIU. Students have opportunities to engage with exhibiting artists through artist lectures and workshops, which are also open to the MIU community and the general public.

 The exhibitions often correlate to courses taught in the Art Department, offering students another layer of experiential learning through closely examining the materials, processes, and various media within the work. 

The Wege Gallery also hosts a Federal Work Study Gallery Assistant position for a student interested in learning about how exhibitions are produced. Through the Wege Gallery, the Gallery Assistant is able to work directly with artists and develop student programs, gaining essential professional and public-facing skills in a gallery setting. 

In addition to being an indispensable resource to students, the gallery prioritizes community engagement. As one of the few art venues in Fairfield, the Wege Gallery offers a space that consistently showcases artists working at the top of their field. 

The Wege Gallery Fund will support the continuation of quality exhibitions and student and public programs, including transporting artwork and travel funds and honoraria for visiting artists.

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