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Welcome to the Donations Page for MIU’s MA in Enlightenment and Leadership Program to Begin in 2023 

Maharishi created the unique curriculum for this program to accelerate the development of enlightenment and to create leaders applying Maharishi’s programs for 12 areas of society—Law, Education, Health, Agriculture, Economics, Administration, Architecture, Defense, Communication, Music and Arts, Religion and Culture, and Political Science. 

Maharishi has made the point that the basis of effective leadership is a highly develop consciousness. Accordingly, all students in this program participate in twice-daily group practice of the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program, developing outstanding leadership qualities as documented by scientific research—flexibility, stability, compassion, creativity, intelligence, and communication skills. 

After in-depth study of the 12 areas in light of the development of consciousness, each student chooses one area for extended study and an internship that prepares them for a leadership role in the Transcendental Meditation organization of their home country.  

This is a practical program to develop leaders for the next generation of the Transcendental Meditation movement who are instilled with the knowledge and experience of consciousness.  

We invite you to support a leader for your home country who will welcome your guidance in fulfilling the needs of Consciousness-Based projects in your country. 

Support the MA in Enlightenment and Leadership: 

Donate to Student Scholarships for the MA in Enlightenment and Leadership. All of these funds will be used immediately for scholarships for students beginning in August 2023.  

Provide a full scholarship for all three semesters. Fully fund a scholarship for one student for tuition, room, and board ($45,000) for all three semesters of the MA program, beginning in August 2023.  

Your gifts are tax-deductible. You may specify which country or region your donation will support.

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