Dear Friends of MIU,

Your unwavering commitment to Maharishi International University has been the cornerstone of our growth and success. As we chart our course into our second 50 years, I wish to share a crucial initiative that seeks to fortify our institution’s resilience and sustainability.

  The growth in student enrollment and the evolution of our campus over the past few years reflect our shared vision and achievements, and we have a lot to thank donors like you.

Yet, in light of the prevailing economic climate and its impacts on MIU, our focus needs to shift from just growth to enduring stability. We have been prudent, making significant cost-reductions measures in the 2022-2023 fiscal year. However, while these steps ensure short-term stability, we must also lay a robust foundation for MIU’s long-term financial health.

 This brings me to introduce our pivotal initiative: the Endowment Reserves Fund. This fund differs from traditional endowment funds. While an endowment focuses on the institution’s long-term growth, the Endowment Reserves Fund is designed to provide MIU with a safety net against unforeseen challenges, ensuring that our mission remains uninterrupted regardless of external financial pressures. It’s designed to be an emergency reserve fund: always ready to support our core operations, such as salaries and scholarships. This fund will be growing over time like any other endowment fund, but it can be used to rescue the university during the most critical financial challenges. The money needed will be borrowed and returned to this fund with interest to avoid any sort of loss.

We aim to raise $5 million for the Endowment Reserves Fund in the next three years, with an initial goal of $1,000,000 by June 30th, 2024.

We deeply appreciate your past contributions, and we are counting on you to support this campaign.

  While these are uncertain times for all, MIU’s stability and future resilience hinge on the collective strength of our community. By contributing to the Endowment Reserves Fund, you will be laying the groundwork for an institution that not only thrives today but is resilient for tomorrow. Together, let’s create a legacy that future generations can bank upon.

Thank you all for standing with MIU through every chapter of our journey.

 With sincere gratitude,
John Hagelin