Capital Campaign Projects

Letter from the President

My dear friends,

I am calling upon all who cherish MIU to help us complete these urgent projects. This is a small Capital Campaign ask compared to previous years, but the urgency could not be greater.

Due to continued turbulence in the IT job market, the hiring of our ComPro graduates has, since November, slowed to one third of its normal level. As a consequence, MIU’s revenues have been slashed.

We have taken every possible step to accelerate ComPro hires, and March has brought a fresh ray of hope. But in the meantime, due to MIU’s lack of Endowment and limited cash reserves, we have frozen all capital expenditures, and have cut payroll substantially.

So as you will see, we have major, transformational projects that are over 90% complete — but now sitting idle. The first six brand-new Vastu Suites at the Global Peace Village are 93% finished and new Sidha residents from across the country are poised to move in. But we need the final $80,000 to provide the exterior landscaping, walks, and lovely green-space that will transform our Global Peace Village job site from desert to oasis.

Similarly, the reconstruction of Fairfield Business & IT Park into a gorgeous residential extension campus (desperately needed) is more than 90% complete. So with just a little help, we’ll have a beautiful expansion campus for more than 100 graduate “professional” students — from whom MIU derives most of its income.

The Cowhig Family Aquatic Center represents a truly stunning transformation of the campus, and a godsend for all our summer students, faculty, staff, families, and community. It’s more than half completed, but currently sitting idle.

So, I sincerely implore you to help us finish the transformation of our precious MIU campus that began with our Golden Jubilee. Please take these projects deeply to heart.

I will fall to my knees (alongside all our faculty, staff, and students) before anyone and everyone who will help us bring these transformational projects over the top. WE ARE SO CLOSE!

With my deepest gratitude, and my sincere wishes for your health and life-long happiness.

Jai Guru Dev
John Hagelin

Capital Projects