Help us transform our ancient pool into this magnificent oasis for refreshment, fun, and exercise.

After more than 36 years of service, our valiant swimming pool finally gave up its ghost two years ago. Generous donations have funded most of the extensive renovations needed to complete this important campus-transforming project

Tasks Completed to Date:

  • New design and engineering
  • New water treatment and filtration system
  • New piping around pool with replacement grates
  • Replacement of pool’s deteriorated outer foundation wall
  • Shallow-end stairs installed
  • Plastering and tile surface preparation
  • All new electrical installed
  • Safety bonding wires for grounding in and around pool
  • Removal of the old decking
  • Sewer line and water main repair
  • ADA compliant ramps for pool house

Tasks Pending:

  • Landscaping and drainage
  • Outdoor lighting and power
  • Pool walls plastered and tiled
  • Concrete deck removed and replaced
  • Elegant safety fencing
  • ADA compliant parking spaces and pool house doors
  • Pool House: new plumbing, doors, skylights, interior paint
  • New gazebo and deck furniture

Cost: $175,000

Where we are

$ 529,331


$ 175,000


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received + pledged

$ 529,331