Capital Campaign Projects:

Preparing Our Campus for the Next 50 Years

For 50 years, MIU has enjoyed ample space on the beautiful 240-acre campus that Parsons graciously bestowed on us. But today, as a consequence of MIU’s record-setting growth, we critically need new dorms, more classrooms, and more faculty housing. And we need more land on which to expand.

Fortunately, there are ideal properties that surround our campus. Three of these have just appeared on the market. We have a rare chance to acquire them—if we move fast.

In these pages we present these strategic land opportunities and construction projects that are key to MIU’s growth. We also showcase projects designed to greatly enrich the quality of life for our students and community—a new swimming pool, new air systems for our Golden Domes, and much more.

And we present other exciting projects, like expanding our Solar MEG’Array
 to achieve energy independence and fulfill our President’s Climate Leadership commitment.

Plus a total overhaul of our campus IT infrastructure—crucial for handling our fast-growing online student population.

In our first 50 years, we have come so far! Your support today will ensure that our next 50 years will be even more extraordinary.

Capital Projects