The Mark Schoenfeld NextGen Purusha Fund supports travel and scholarships for enrolled MIU students to enjoy a sweet taste of Purusha life. MIU students will have the opportunity for social impact and personal development while fostering an expansive, accessible, and equitable meditation community.

Donations to this fund provide MIU students access to the full range of NextGen Purusha Course offerings. This support will allow MIU students to deeply enrich their knowledge and experience of higher sites of consciousness cultivating a new generation of enlightened leaders not only within the TM organization, but in all areas of life and society.

Maharishi Vedic Leadership Forum—Core Course and Advanced Course

These unique courses on the science and art of supreme leadership, recorded and presented exclusively by Maharishi, are unprecedented in their depth and clarity of understanding of the Vedic, or consciousness-based, approach to leadership and governing. Maharishi’s lectures focus on the knowledge and experience of Unity consciousness as the source and control point of all our actions, and present practical knowledge and consciousness-based programs for connecting the individual mind with cosmic mind, individual physiology with cosmic physiology, and individual life with cosmic life. These courses are for anyone in any area of leadership, whether leading a nation, an organization, a household, or one’s own life.

The participants’ daily practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs cultures the ability to operate from the field of pure consciousness, and cultures greater creativity, intelligence, support of nature and expanded thinking, which are all qualities needed by any leader.

Taste of NextGen Purusha Course (one week courses)

This course trains the participants to lead from the field of Pure Consciousness. In addition, the knowledge program on the course gives knowledge that inspires leadership qualities.

What is Purusha?

Purusha is a group of men who have dedicated their lives to cultivating higher states of consciousness through their practice of TM and its advanced techniques. The silent and peaceful atmosphere of their home in West Virginia is deeply nourishing and profoundly evolutionary—perfect for students wishing to dive deep into their experience of TM and the TM-Sidhi program while also pursuing their chosen area of study.