Welcome to the Donations Page
for MIU’s Exciting New Leadership Programs

Today, more than ever before, the world needs leaders. Enlightened leaders — world citizens dedicated to the welfare of their fellow human beings and committed to creating a peaceful, prosperous, thriving planet.

Would you like to help a new generation of young people receive the training they need to play this role?
Then you’ve come to the right place.

Starting in 2021–2022, MIU will offer two new academic programs:

Each program will give students the knowledge, skills, and experience they need for enlightened leadership.

We expect these programs to attract students from around the world — smart, passionate young people who may already be playing leadership roles in their home countries and who want to build their leadership abilities.

But many of these young people will need financial support to come to the United States and enroll at MIU.

Donate to the Enlightened Leadership Endowment Fund. These funds will be preserved and protected, with interest income used exclusively for scholarships for these programs.

Donate directly to BA in Enlightened Leadership Student Scholarships  All of these funds will be used immediately for scholarships in the BA in Enlightened Leadership program

Donate directly to MA in Enlightenment and Leadership Student Scholarships. All of these funds will be used immediately for scholarships in the MA in Enlightenment and Leadership program..