This year we are asking for everyone’s support to sustain
this campus transformation

Our 2024 Capital Campaign is different: More cost-effective—and more impactful

Each Spring we have been reaching out to our donors seeking support for vital new capital projects. As you will see in the 2024 Capital Campain brochure, the results have been transformational.

This year, instead of embarking on new construction, we are asking that you designate your donation to a general fund that will:

1) Finish key capital projects that are very near completion.
2) Maintain a few past projects that need a bit of “refreshing.”
To do this, please designate your gift to the “2024 Comprehensive Capital Campaign.”
Donations to this comprehensive fund will allow us to finish pivotal projects that are now on the verge of completion, and to help cover the cost of refreshing some of our most important projects of previous years.

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$ 92,670