Wege Center for the Arts

After 50 years

After fifty years of dependable service, this original Parsons College building has been reimagined and recreated to reflect the highest ideals of the arts. An enormous transformation has been achieved! Now, the finishing touches lie before us.

Imagine the impact of these final changes:

East Stairway, Grand Plaza and Sculpture Showcase

The most significant upgrade to the Wege Center for the Arts will be to replace the decrepit eastern stairway with an elegant new design that culminates in a Grand Plaza and Sculpture Showcase, with indoor and outdoor seating. Planters will adorn the foot of the stairs, and the crumbling stone retaining wall will be rebuilt.

Lighting and Landscaping

The new western glass façade of the Wege Center needs a finishing touch. It needs landscaping—islands of native grasses surrounded by river-washed pebbles—and to be beautifully lit at night with soft floodlighting.

Likewise, on the eastern side, the new Stairway, Grand Plaza and Sculpture Showcase will need plantings around the sculpture showcase, solar lights along the stairs, and soft flood lighting for the building façade.


“This is the most exquisite art display space I’ve seen in my 58-year career as an artist.” – Max Fleischman

Main Foyer Floor and East Entrance Carpet

The coup de grâce will be applying an epoxy finish to the floor of the Wege Center’s beautiful grand foyer. This spacious room with its high-vaulted, natural wood ceiling needs a floor coating that will provide long-lasting beauty and endurance.

Also, the entry carpet that escorts visitors from the SkyWalk into the foyer needs to be replaced after years of traffic.

These two finishing touches will complete the project and make a stunning difference.

And these elements

These items bring the project to a graceful completion.

Upper Parking Lot

There is nothing like a dignified Parking Lot to complete the total makeover of a building. We have a beautiful design for an elegant, spacious, 100% pothole-free, mud and-weed-free parking lot to replace our current, jam-packed, cracked and rubble-strewn parking lot.

Conveniently located to serve both The Wege Center and Dreier Hall, this major upgrade will make this historic East end of our campus both beautiful and highly functional.

Cost: $90,000 (Value: priceless)

SkyWalk Enrichment

The newly refurbished wrap-around SkyWalk, which leads around to the upper level East entrance, will be outfitted with an attractive awning to protect pedestrians from rain and snow. Special lighting will add safety and beauty.

Finally, a brick-colored, ground-level base wall will add further beauty while offering convenient, hidden storage for outdoor equipment—keeping the whole area neat and tidy.

Cost: $50,000

Handicap-access Driveway

For those with limited mobility, a driveway that circles the south side of the Wege Center and ends at the new East entrance and Grand Plaza will provide easy access to our ground-level classrooms and studios.

Cost: $40,000

Where we are

*With special thanks to the Wege Foundation

Where we're going

Where We're Going

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