MIU 2022 Capital Campaign — Land Acquisition

Spees Property

Land Acquisition

Spees Property

This three acre lot is contiguous with MIU’s northwest boundary and separates MIU from the aforementioned grain elevator property. MIU’s ownership of this parcel will allow a seamless integration of our campus with the grain elevator property. The plan is to replace the dilapidated buildings currently on the Spees property with a new Vastu residential neighborhood of the Global Peace Village.

Here is a perfect example of why we need to own and control these properties. The Spees land came up for sale several years ago, but since MIU was not expanding at the time, we didn’t bid aggressively for it. We lost that bid to a local entrepreneur who then decided to build a strip club on the property, banking that its proximity to campus would attract many of our students. It was only through a long and concerted effort that we managed to derail those plans. And it shows the importance of acquiring these contiguous properties lest they fall into unfriendly, opportunistic hands.



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Spees Property Land Acquisition

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