Rakesh Gupta on the MUM campus


The Allianz Group honors Rakesh with the Great People Leaders award


In his office at Allianz


Receiving the Pioneering Business Leader award from the Shared Services Forum

Prior to becoming an MUM student, Rakesh Gupta led a team of 3,000 employees as managing director of Allianz Cornhill Information Services (ACIS) in India. Now he is studying Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM to validate his business success with the principles of Vedic knowledge.

Rakesh received his MBA from the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, the leading business school in India. He gained management experience in a variety of key positions at British Telecom in the UK, GE Appliances in the USA, and several companies in India.

In 2003 Rakesh was hired by the international insurance company Allianz to set up their India information services division. After starting the ACIS unit from scratch, Rakesh began growing the company at an unexpected rate, reaching 500 plus employees in five years, vastly surpassing the projected 80. He streamlined processes, broadened employee authority, and increased performance and revenues for the company. In time, he was inducted into the board of directors of Allianz UK.

For his innovative management practices he was recognized as one of the few Great People Leaders in 2014 across the Allianz Group. In 2015 he received the Pioneering Business Leader award from the Shared Services Forum in India.

The leadership principles Rakesh used throughout his career were based on his intuition, but he wanted to find their source in the Vedic literature. He was looking to study Vedic leadership when his former IIM classmate and MUM professor Anil Maheshwari told him about MUM. Rakesh resigned from his position at Allianz and enrolled at MUM in the summer of 2017 to study Maharishi Vedic Science.

“The whole climate at MUM is so nice, the food you eat is healthy, the air you breathe, the whole daily routine, the TM practice, everything is conducive to your high level of consciousness and well-being,” he said. “It’s a wonderful experience.”

After finishing his MA in Maharishi Vedic Science, Rakesh has two ambitions. One is to establish a Vedic university in India in partnership with MUM. His second desire is to help people by promoting the Vedic principles of leadership in the corporate world. “In my last job, I have helped about 10,000 people over the years,” he said. “My next wish is to help a million people improve their lives.”