Fabian S. Zeeb

Fabian S. Zeeb

  • Assistant Professor of Management
  • Professor Zeeb has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for two years


Professor Zeeb teaches Internet Marketing, for which he developed the curriculum. He is also involved in teaching and supporting other courses, such as Online Tracking and Analytics, Web Design, Entrepreneurship, and Principles of Business Success.

He received an MBA from MUM with a GPA of 4.0 and subsequently worked as Associate Director of Marketing, primarily in the internet marketing field.

He has also worked as internet marketing consultant and web designer, before beginning his teaching at MUM.

Richard Thompson

Richard Thompson

  • Assistant Professor of Management
  • Director of the MBA in Sustainable Business


Richard Thompson’s primary areas for research and teaching/consulting activities include international business and distance education. He has developed collaborative programs between MUM and institutional partners in Asia and the Caribbean.



  • BA, MBA, PhD, Maharishi University of Management
Anil Maheshwari

Anil Maheshwari

  • Professor of Management Information Systems
  • Director of Center for Data Analytics
  • Dr. Anil Maheshwari has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for five years


Dr. Anil Maheshwari is a Professor of Management Information Systems and Director of Center for Data Analytics at Maharishi University of Management. He has been working here since 2012, and teaches courses in information systems, big data analytics, leadership, and marketing.

He received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, and his MBA degree from Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad. He earned his PhD from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio. He has been a Professor at the University of Cincinnati, City University of New York, and others. He has also worked in the global IT industry for over 20 years, including 9 years of leadership roles at IBM in Austin, TX.

His research has been published in prestigious journals and conferences. He has completed various leadership programs and won several awards. He has authored many books in data science and leadership, including two textbooks published by McGraw-Hill. He is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and TM-Sidhi techniques. He won the prestigious Maharishi award in 2015. He blogs on IT and Consciousness at anilmah.com, and is a popular speaker on those topics.

Jane Schmidt-Wilk

Jane Schmidt-Wilk

  • Professor of Management
  • Jane Schmidt- Wilk has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for twenty years


Jane Schmidt-Wilk is Dean of Teaching and Learning, Director of the Center for Management Research at MUM, and former editor of the Journal of Management Education. Her publications explore the role of development of consciousness in business and management education.

Jane Schmidt-Wilk teaches courses in management and organizational behavior, qualitative research methods, communication skills, teaching, and academic writing. The students of Maharishi University of Management honored her for her teaching excellence with the Teacher Appreciation Award in 2005 and again in 2009.

Dr. Schmidt-Wilk has been Editor of the Journal of Management Education (JME), the leading journal in this field, since July 2005, and serves on the editorial boards of several other academic journals in the field of management. As editor of the Journal of Management Education, she invited “Management Education in the Context of Poverty” and “Sustainability Across the Management Curriculum,” two special issues that were published in 2008 and 2009, respectively.
She also edited a special issue of the Journal of Social Behavior and Personality on the applications of Maharishi Vedic Science to developmental psychology, health and aging, business management, consciousness and peace studies and public policy that was published in 2005 in honor of Dr. Charles N. Alexander.

Dr. Schmidt-Wilk is an ex-officio member of the Board of Directors of the OBTS Teaching Society for Management Educators, a member of the Academy of Management and a member of the Midwest Academy of Management. She has made numerous presentations at these and other professional conferences.She and her husband Martin Schmidt live in Fairfield, where he is Director of the MUM Library.

  • Professor of Management
  • Director, Center for Management Research
  • Co-Director of the PhD in Management program


  • PhD, Maharishi University of Management
  • MBA, Maharishi International University
  • BA, Oberlin College

Selected Publications

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Sabita Sawhney

Sabita Sawhney

  • Associate Professor of Management
  • Professor Sawhney has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for ten years


Professor Sawhney teaches courses in operations management, supply chain management, marketing management, and marketing research.

  • Her areas of research interest include green supply chains, buyer-supplier partnerships, self development and trust.
  • She has presented papers at several prestigious conferences including Purchasing and Operations Management Society (POMS), Decision Science Institute (DSI), and Midwest Business Administration Association (MBAA).
  • Professor Sawhney teaches courses in operations management, supply chain management, marketing management, and marketing research.