Promila Bahadur

Promila Bahadur

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Computer Science



  • B.Sc., Lucknow University (India)
  • M.C.A., Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • M.Tech, Karnataka State Open University
  • Ph.D., Uttrakhand Technical University


Promila Bahadur obtained Ph.D. in Computer Science in the year 2012 from Uttrakhand Technical University, Dehradun, India. Her work is on multidisciplinary research in Natural Language Processing, which involves incorporation of English, Sanskrit and Computer languages. She has concentrated on Machine Translation; having English and Sanskrit as source and target language. This involves Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing as primary domains. Her research contribution primarily includes; development of complete algorithmic framework for Rule Based Machine Translation, design and development of “Two-Way Translation model” and software developed for translation. The “Two-Way Model” presents a simplified approach for translation. The software is developed on .Net Framework, named as “EtranS”. This software translates English language sentences into Sanskrit language..

Dr. Promila Bahadur possesses teaching experience of several years at Universities in India. She has contributed many research papers in the area of NLP and Machine Translation. She is currently teaching Fundamentals of Programming Practices and Modern Programming Practices (Java).


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June 28, 2017