• Academic Director, MUM Hawaii Program
  • Assistant Professor, MUM Hawaii Program
  • Dr. Devon Almond has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for six months


Dr. Devon Almond is fascinated by leading-edge higher education and transformative community development in small towns. Devon’s teaching and learning territory emphasizes human development, education, communication, and community development with a particular focus in rural and remote contexts. Research interests in rural community colleges and American tribal colleges allowed him to travel to over 400 college campuses across North America. His most recent research involves articulating the concrete characteristics and subtle qualities found across hundreds of American college towns. Devon’s professional background is grounded in work with indigenous communities in Northern Canada.

He has worked in professional, academic, and consulting capacities with several rural and remote-serving colleges and universities– from the Yukon, across Western Canada, and United States. In addition to serving as Assistant Professor (Sustainable Living) and Academic Director (Hawaii Semester) for undergraduate students at MUM, Devon is an Academic Content Expert (Higher Education / Rural Communities) for graduate students at Grand Canyon University in Arizona. Dr. Almond utilizes integral theory to cultivate evolutionary mindsets, cultures, and systems in small towns.

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June 30, 2017