Clifford Rose

  • Director of the Concept To Market Institute
  • Associate Professor of Business Administration
  • Clifford Rose has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for one year


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from Southwest Missouri University


  • 30 + years Marketing/Brand Development Executive, primary focus in product development, expansion and support of multiple products, national and international consumer brand awareness, manufacturing, distribution and maintenance, producer of  creative advertising for multi-media mix of radio, television, web, catalogue, retail, live home shopping and print.
  • Marketing Strategist, the Group, one of the first Direct Response Marketing companies in America. Managed $150 million + annual national ad campaign.
  • Vice President of Marketing, American Marketing Systems. One of the largest Direct Response marketing companies in America. Surpassed $1billion in product sales. Managed multiple national and international brands coordinating retail and wholesale distribution, inbound and outbound tele-services, multi-media advertising creative development and production, national media management, managed live Home Shopping HSN & QVC,retail and catalogue sales.
  • Sr. VP Marketing, Vision Improvement Technologies. Managed national brand multi-media advertising campaign, $20 Million+ annual multi-media, national retail management, catalogues. Produced all advertising components of national campaign.
  • VP Marketing MasterHouse Products. Managed product development, multi-media marketing campaign for new concept products. Managed national multi-media marketing, retail distribution, advertising development and production.
  • Marketing/Branding Consultant LifeHouse Properties.

Developed and implemented multi-media branding/advertising campaign for national                    Assisted Living, Retirement and Skilled Nursing Company.  Developed multi-media branding       campaign for 25 properties in 11 markets, utilizing media blend of all social media, TV, radio, newspapers, billboards. Developed and coordinated 26 new web sites. Hired Academy Award winning actress and singer  Shirley Jones as spokesperson. Increased occupancy from 63% to over 100%.

  • Executive Producer, writer and developer on over 200 TV commercials, 1000 national radio commercials, over 50 web sites, national newspaper advertising, social media including pay per click, affiliate and facebook marketing. Clients include Con Agra, Disney World, Century 21, Ralston Purina, Echrich, Butter Ball, The Carlton Sheets Company, Qwik Cook Grill, The See Clearly Method, Air France.

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June 30, 2017