Christopher Jones

  • Professor of Education, Dean of Academic Programs
  • Dr. Jones has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for thirty-eight years


Dr. Jones received his bachelor’s degree in literature from Oberlin College, a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction from Temple University, and his doctorate in curriculum and instruction from Teachers College, Columbia University.

Dr. Jones began his career as a high school English teacher in Haddonfield, New Jersey in 1969. After gaining his MA and EdD and his training as a teacher of the Maharishi Transcendental Meditation program, he joined the faculty of Maharishi University of Management in 1979.

On the faculty of the University he has served as Academic Dean, Director of Evaluation, and Chair of the Department of Education. Dr. Jones’s areas of research and publication have been in the fields of English education, curriculum development and educational assessment. He teaches courses in general teaching methods, secondary methods, and English methods.

“In the birthday card I gave to one of my sons, without giving it a lot of thought, I wrote, ‘and together we will create a better world.’ Reflecting afterward, I realized that this is the way I feel about the students in my university courses, too. We can learn effective methods of teaching, classroom management techniques, ways of structuring interdisciplinary units of study — all the things I teach — but, most importantly, through all of these things we can learn to create a better world. Teaching requires great organizing ability, patience, clarity of understanding, dedication to the growth of young people, but most of all it requires a vision of a better world and the passion to pursue that vision with vigor and persistence.”


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June 30, 2017