Catherine Gorini

  • Professor of Mathematics
  • Dean of Faculty
  • Catherine Gorini has taught at the Maharishi University of Management for thirty-five years

AB (Mathematics) Cornell University
MS, PhD (Mathematics) University of Virginia

Catherine Gorini received an Award for Outstanding College Teaching from the Mathematical Association of America in 2001. She has also published many articles on mathematics, especially geometry.

Research Interests


  • Award for Outstanding College Teaching, Mathematical Association of America, 2001
  • Enlightened Educator Award, Maharishi University of Management, 2000


Facts on File Geometry Handbook, Facts on File, 2003. Read a review

Geometry at Work, Mathematical Association of America, 2000.

Maharishi’s Vedic Mathematics: The Fulfillment of Modern Mathematics,” to appear in Samskrita Sangha, 2003.

Further Steps: Geometry Beyond High School (PDF),” New England Mathematics Journal, May 2003.

Consciousness: The Last Frontier of Geometry (PDF),” to appear.

The Natural Role of Mathematics in the Sciences: How Maharishi’s Vedic Science Answers the Question of the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics in the Sciences, Modern Science and Vedic Science

Symmetry: A Link between Mathematics and Life, Humanistic Mathematics Network Journal.

Calculus with Dynamic Geometry, in Dynamical Geometry, edited by James King and Doris Schattschneider, 1997

Using Clock Arithmetic to Send Secret Messages, Mathematics Teacher, Mathematical Association of America, February, 1996

An Art Research Project for a Geometry Course, PRIMUS, Volume 3, Number 4, December 1994

Where Can a Robot Arm Reach?, with R. Dettmers, I. Doraiswamy, and C. Toy, COMAP, 1993

An Integrated Program of Writing and Speaking in the Undergraduate Mathematics Curriculum, PRIMUS, Volume 1, Number 3, September, 1991.


  • PhD, University of Virginia, Robert E. Stong, advisor
  • MA, University of Virginia, Edwin E. Floyd, advisor
  • AB, Cornell University, Mathematics Major

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June 30, 2017