Marlo Thomas, event co-host; MUM President John Hagelin; and Bob Roth, CEO David Lynch Foundation
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Jerry Seinfeld and Bob Roth in conversation on comedy


Presentation of the David Lynch Foundation’s “Change Begins Within” awards for 2018. (From left) Marlo Thomas, award-winning actress, author, and event co-host; Peter Dodge, CEO, philanthropist, and recipient of “Health and Healing Award”; Chandrika Tandon, philanthropist, humanitarian, and recipient of the “Lifetime of Service Award”; Dr. John Hagelin, physicist, educator, and recipient of the “Lifetime of Peace Award”; Bob Roth, David Lynch Foundation CEO


The Grand Ballroom at The Plaza Hotel was filled to capacity with high energy

MUM President Dr. John Hagelin received the David Lynch Foundation’s prestigious “Lifetime of Peace Award” during the Foundation’s 14th annual Change Begins Within benefit gala at The Plaza Hotel in New York City on December 10.

“Dr. John Hagelin is a true renaissance man,” said Bob Roth, CEO of the David Lynch Foundation. “He is a world-renowned quantum physicist, educator, public policy expert, and leading proponent of peace. He has dedicated the past 40 years of his life to establishing the scientific understanding and benefits of Transcendental Meditation for creating true peace in the life of the individual, community, nation, and world.”

The David Lynch Foundation is a non-profit organization which addresses the epidemic of trauma and toxic stress among at-risk populations through the use of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. In nearly 14 years the Foundation has provided scholarships for more than one million adults and children to learn the TM® technique.

“I am the most fortunate educator in the world,” said Dr. Hagelin. “I have been associated for decades with Consciousness-Based education—the most successful educational experiment of our time. And I am incredibly grateful to the David Lynch Foundation for its creativity and remarkable capability to expand on that success. This unique approach is now in literally thousands of public schools around the world.”

During the event the David Lynch Foundation launched a new initiative to prevent and treat substance use disorder—a national nightmare that afflicts over 20 million Americans.

In addition to President Hagelin, the David Lynch Foundation honored Chandrika Tandon, philanthropist, Grammy-nominated artist and humanitarian, as well as Peter Dodge, founder and president of the Peter G. Dodge Foundation, with “Change Begins Within” awards. Entertainment at the gala was provided by comedians Jerry Seinfeld, John Mulaney, Mike Birbiglia, and Vanessa Bayer.