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You can contribute to specific areas of your own choosing, and/or existing projects as described below.

Maharishi Ayurveda Support and Expansion Fund

You can give to this initiative here.

Support the Nancy Watkins Memorial Fund

The Nancy Watkins Memorial Fund exclusively supports MIU international students. To learn more, and to access a biography of Nancy Watkins, click here.

Support the Yoga Asana Class

We greatly appreciate donations so that our faculty/staff volunteers can continue to offer the Maharishi Yogasm Asanas Group Instruction & Practice online class each week. We currently have 10,000 registered course participants from around the globe, and it’s our pleasure to offer a place where thousands participate in group asanas, pranayama, and meditation each week.  To contribute, click here.

Restricted Gift

You can  give online targeting your gift for a specific purpose. Or make a check payable to MIU, include a note regarding the specific need or area of the University that your gift is intended to support, and mail to us (see address below)

Dome Support Fund

Make a gift to this fund here, or send us a check to the address below, with a note specifying that your donation is for the Dome Support Fund.

Invincible America Assembly

The Invincible America Assembly was set up by Maharishi to create a permanent “kavach” or protection for our country. Please join us in supporting our dear dedicated full-time TM-Sidhi program practitioners.

Women’s Dome Committee Projects

You can support this initiative here.

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