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You can contribute to specific areas of your own choosing, and/or existing projects as described below.

Support the Nancy Watkins Memorial Fund

The Nancy Watkins Memorial Fund exclusively supports MIU international students. To learn more, and to access a biography of Nancy Watkins, click here.

Support the Yoga Asana Class

We greatly appreciate donations so that our faculty/staff volunteers can continue to offer the Maharishi Yogasm Asanas Group Instruction & Practice online class each week. We currently have 10,000 registered course participants from around the globe, and it’s our pleasure to offer a place where thousands participate in group asanas, pranayama, and meditation each week.  To contribute, click here.

Restricted Gift

You can  give online targeting your gift for a specific purpose. Or make a check payable to MIU, include a note regarding the specific need or area of the University that your gift is intended to support, and mail to us (see address below)

Dome Support Fund

Make a gift to this fund here, or send us a check to the address below, with a note specifying that your donation is for the Dome Support Fund.

Invincible America Assembly

The Invincible America Assembly was set up by Maharishi to create a permanent “kavach” or protection for our country. Please join us in supporting our dear dedicated full-time TM-Sidhi program practitioners.

Women’s Dome Committee Projects

You can support this initiative here.

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