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A new book, The Coherence Effect: Tapping into the Laws of Nature that Govern Health, Happiness, and Higher Brain Functioning, is now available, written by Robert Keith Wallace, Chair of MIU’s Department of Physiology and Health; attorney Jay Marcus; and Chris Clark, MD.

The cover of The Coherence Effect

Published by Armin Lear Press, the book serves as a practical guide to coherence-generating programs that have been shown in more than 600 scientific studies to result in health, happiness, and higher brain functioning.

Robert Keith Wallace, PhD

Robert Keith Wallace, PhD

Tony Nader, MD, PhD, the leader of the international Transcendental Meditation organization, wrote in his foreword: “This book illustrates a simple, yet profound law of nature governing health and human development—coherence heals.”

Jay Marcus, JD

Based on scientific studies, the book compares the effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique and other forms of meditation on various psychological variables such as anxiety, negative emotions, and self-realization. In addition, the book tells stories of individuals who experienced great personal transformations through the TM® technique after failure with other programs.

Josh Griffith, an 11-time Emmy award-winning writer, had been doing another meditation program for a year, but was still so filled with stress that he quit writing. After learning the TM technique, he started writing again. “After TM, I felt like I was 25 and starting my career all over again. I thought I was a meditator before learning TM. Boy, was I wrong!” he said.

Chris Clark, MD

The six Ayurveda chapters contain the latest knowledge on Ayurveda, including the best foods and behavioral recommendations to boost immunity; a special one-week cleanse developed by Dr. Clark and Vaidya Manohar; and a quiz to determine the suitability of the cleanse based on the toxins in one’s body.

The Coherence Effect is also the first book with chapters on the benefits of listening to the Vedic recitations, which are now available on the Maharishi Veda App. The book’s website is It can be purchased from MIU Press or Amazon.