For nearly 50 years, MIU has enjoyed ample space on the 240-acre campus that Parsons so graciously bestowed on us. But today, as a consequence of MIU’s recent, record-setting growth, we critically need new dorms, new classrooms, and more faculty housing. And we need more land on which to expand.

Very fortunately, there are several ideal properties contiguous to the University. Three of these (totaling 23 acres) have just appeared on the market. We have a rare chance to acquire these—if we move fast.

In this brochure, we also present the most pressing capital projects designed to enrich the quality of life for our community, such as the MIU swimming pool and improved

air systems in our Golden Domes. And also projects that will greatly enhance our energy independence—reducing our rising energy costs and allowing us to fulfill our Presidents Climate Leadership commitment.

We also need a thorough redesign and upgrade of our campus Information Technology (IT) infrastructure to manage our fast-growing Online student population.

Please note, as you browse these pages, that many of these vital projects are already funded, thanks to recent generous commitments from some of our cherished donors. Thank you one and all!

We have come so far. Let’s maintain our incredible momentum as we now forge ahead into our next fifty years!

With my deep gratitude,

John Hagelin