July 4, 2022 • ISSUE 630

Melissa Melchor

Creating Content for Personal Growth

Melissa Melchor hails from El Paso, Texas, where she had attended a local community college as well as the University of Texas prior to coming to MIU. She didn’t feel connected to what she was learning there and began looking for a university that allowed her to explore her inner growth.
She found MIU through an Instagram ad and wanted to experience the lifestyle MIU was offering: regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation® program, healthy living, and a like-minded community.
Melissa came to MIU with the dream of becoming an online content creator, and her goal became tangible once she began taking writing and social media marketing classes. She gained both the skills and the self-confidence to achieve her goal.

At the 2022 Graduation Awards Ceremony

“After practicing the TM technique I began to believe in myself,” she said “MIU allows you to focus on your creativity and innate talents and encourages you to prioritize your individual expression and self-reflection. It helped me develop my sense of self and purpose.”
While exploring her personal development in the past, Melissa had found support from people sharing their own spiritual journeys on YouTube. This inspired her to create a podcast for her senior project, called “Wake Up to You,” which aims to support her listeners’ emotional and spiritual growth. She began creating her podcast episodes and designed her social media marketing strategy. 
“I hope that by sharing my own stories, I can inspire and empower people to do something they are passionate about,” she said. Melissa graduated in June with a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Sciences degree and received an Outstanding Student Award.