MBA student Kenny Januar

Indonesian student Kenny Januar grew up helping his father in his beverage manufacturing business. He never had a doubt that one day he too, would become a business owner, in spite of his high school counselors’ efforts to steer him towards the medical sciences.

Kenny attended Parahyangan Catholic University in Bandung, Indonesia, and graduated six months early with a bachelor’s degree in human resource management. During his senior year he attended a talk about MUM by alumnus Gde Brawishwara Putra, who talked about MUM. Kenny had aspirations to study in the US, so he visited the MUM website. He liked the idea of maintaining a balanced lifestyle while studying, so he applied to MUM’s sustainable MBA.

Kenny with his process improvement project paper co-authors, German Servente and Guo Ge

Now he appreciates the international community of students on campus and the ability to fit exercise into his daily routine. The practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique also helps him stay balanced. “Usually I don’t rest at all besides sleeping,” said Kenny. “I always read or study. Now I have an extra 20 minutes to get rest and it helps clear my mind.”

Last fall Kenny took two courses in lean management, and the paper his team wrote about their process improvement project was selected for the Midwest Business Administration Association International Conference in Chicago this March.

With professor Sabita Sawhney and students in the process improvement class

“In and outside of class, Kenny utilizes the lean principles of ‘continuous improvement’ and ‘respect for people’,” said Sabita Sawhney, assistant professor of management. “He is a solid individual, possessing both the intellect and work ethic necessary to attain much future success.”

In addition to his school work, Kenny has been preparing for his Associate Professional in Human Resources certification so that he can find a job in the US in human resource management. After gaining

After a soccer game at MUM

some work experience, he plans to return to Indonesia and start his own business.

In his free time, Kenny likes to travel and learn languages. He is already proficient in four and currently learning Japanese. He is graduating in June at age 22, becoming one of the youngest MBA graduates.