January 24, 2022 • ISSUE 607

Karena Jones

Pursuing Self-Fulfillment to Support Others

Karena Jones is a childcare specialist from Colorado who is pursuing a master’s degree in Maharishi Vedic Science℠ at MIU. Karena earned an undergraduate degree in contemplative psychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, and a master’s degree in educational psychology from the University of Colorado Denver.
She has spent 18 years in private childcare, specializing in the care of infants and children under three. She also has experience in parent education regarding the development of young children. In 2012 she spent a year volunteering in a Tanzanian orphanage, where she supervised the care of infants.
Karena has a passion for supporting families and making an impact on children’s development during their most receptive years. But she wanted to shift her career so that she is not limited to working with families only.

With MIU friends Sanaa Sayani and Sarah Bozann

In 2021 she began looking for higher education that would facilitate the development of her consciousness and personal growth. In June she found MIU and in August she arrived on campus. Within a few months she completed the Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program℠.
“This has been one of my most profound and beautiful experiences,” she said. “What a blessing to receive this technology and be able to rise to my full potential.”

With children in the Cradle of Love Baby Home in Arusha, Tanzania

She currently works as a residential advisor in the women’s dorm and enjoys interacting with others and supporting them in the fulfillment of their goals.
“The more self-care I do by maintaining my regular TM practice, the more I can offer to the world at large,” she said.
Karena’s new calling is to integrate her experience of the TM® technique and the knowledge of Maharishi Vedic Science with her education in psychology and background in energy healing in order to reach a wider audience through coaching and education.

Performing a devotional dance in 2019 celebrating the life of innovative speaker, futurist, and author Barbara Marx Hubbard at her memorial