March 28, 2022 • ISSUE 616

Kaili Rose

Documenting the Heroes of Live Music

Kaili Rose is a student in MIU’s online Cinematic Arts and New Media Program who is working on a documentary series about the music industry and the challenges artists face on their way to success.
Although Kaili studied science in college, her passion lay in writing for the college paper and taking photos of musicians at concerts. Several years later she made photojournalism her career and has been traveling to music festivals to photograph and write about musicians. She has also worked as chief marketing officer for Top Shelf Music magazine.

Kaili working on her documentary

As live music events disappeared at the onset of the pandemic, Kaili decided to focus on her wellness. She had been exploring meditation and saw Jim Carrey’s 2014 MIU commencement speech, which inspired her to “mindfully pursue her passion for filmmaking.” Soon she found MIU’s online film program and enrolled.
Last summer Kaili made her first documentary short about two regional music festivals in Canada and the behind-the-scenes efforts that made them happen. The film has been officially selected by fifteen film festivals and received a best director award from the Vesuvius International Film Fest. Kaili is now developing the project into a series of short episodes, discussing unique perspectives and topics in the music industry with a diverse panel of artists and industry professionals.

The poster for her film “Love: Music”

In addition to gaining skills in her classes, Kaili received support and encouragement from the faculty. “The program has been amazing in helping me organize my career and understand how to make things happen,” she said.
The Transcendental Meditation® technique has helped her stay grounded and find calm in the storm. “Just the depth of inspiration that surfaces from this process really works,” said Kaili. “It’s helping me find common streams and meaning through everything I am trying to build into film.”

A scene from the documentary

Kaili wants to continue telling the stories of artists and will be releasing three episodes of her series this year.