Jessica Mauro

Interviewing Mar Michelle Häusler at the third ChangeMakers event in June 2019 (photo by Werner Elmker)

With fellow student Angel Thordsen and ChangeMaker liaison Michael Sternfeld, attending the Women of Vision Conference in New York City

With the MIU ChangeMakers team

MIU student Jessica Mauro has a wide range of interests, including medicine as well as the visual and performing arts. While studying graphic design and 3D animation at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, she saw an ad for MIU. She was drawn to the university’s Consciousness-BasedSM approach, the integration of the Transcendental Meditation® program in the curriculum, and the focus on the individual student and her learning process.

“I didn’t feel like my goals were attainable by getting a degree from another college,” she said. “Here you can develop yourself and focus on what you want to gain out of the knowledge.”

Jessica is working towards a major in Ayurveda wellness and integrative health and a minor in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM. Her desire is to facilitate people’s healing through an integrative process of mind/body medicine and empower them to work towards their health goals. In order to do that, she wants to study spiritual counseling after graduating next summer.

As her work-study assignment, Jessica has been involved with the ChangeMakers initiative, helping to organize and host events, design posters, and work on marketing. As a musician and performer, she enjoys producing events, working with fellow students, and being inspired by the guest speakers. Last December she was one of two students rewarded for their contributions with an all-expenses-paid trip to the Women of Vision event produced by the David Lynch Foundation in New York City.

Jessica has always been working on self-development, and finds that both her personal growth and academic performance have been accelerated since coming to MIU. “Consciousness-Based education and TM help me integrate the knowledge I learn in class so I can be proficient with it in the long run,” she said.

In the future, Jessica wants to integrate her creative and artistic pursuits into her career and be able to work as an entrepreneur in all of her professions.