March 1, 2021 • ISSUE 563

Ila Anemone Zeeb

The Mind/Body Approach to Psychology

MIU alumna Ila Anemone Zeeb

Ila Anemone Zeeb came to MIU from Germany and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Maharishi Vedic Science℠ in 2003. She worked at MIU for seven years, in Admissions and Student Life, before earning a graduate degree in counseling psychology and somatic psychotherapy from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Ila’s interest in psychology was nurtured by her studies in Maharishi Vedic Science and diving deep into topics of consciousness and human development. “Vedic Science is a deep exploration of life and human potential,” she said. “It has taught me to look for connections in everything I study and how everything relates to everything else.”

“My background in Vedic Science influences my lens in psychology,” said Ila. “I have a humanistic orientation, and I feel a deep humility towards every person’s innate resilience and intelligence. The body is deeply intelligent; it communicates through symptoms, and symptoms are the nervous system’s attempt to self-regulate and integrate. Everyone has an underlying resilience and worthiness, and every human being is fundamentally sacred.”

Ila with her daughter

Ila is a great believer in an integrative approach to psychology, which led her to study somatic psychotherapy or body psychotherapy. This cutting-edge branch of psychotherapy combines traditional approaches to counseling with an understanding of the nervous system and neurobiology and has been found to be particularly effective in treating trauma and PTSD. “It’s such a relief for clients when you explain to them what is happening in their body and why they feel how they feel,” she said.

She has worked in community mental health crisis stabilization, trauma, and substance abuse and is currently seeing clients in her private practice in Boulder. She is always looking to expand her understanding by attending training in counseling modalities and is also pursuing a master’s degree in nonprofit management with a concentration in human resource management at Northeastern University, Boston. She is interested in learning about organizational cultures as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Ila is also committed to understanding social equity and multicultural awareness in counseling. Her article on this topic was recently published in the International Body Psychotherapy Journal.