Stock Gifts

Many people have given shares of stock to MIU over the years. It is a particularly good giving strategy if the stock has appreciated considerably from the time it was purchased. In that case, MIU gets the full value of the stock, and the donor has no tax liability for the capital gain that accrued.

Conversely, there is no value to a donor for giving MIU depreciated stock. It is more advantageous to sell the stock, give the proceeds to the University, and use the capital loss to decrease any income taxes that might be owed.

To donate stock, all you have to do is to send your broker the following account information and indicate the securities and the number of shares to be included in the gift:

DTC 0443, Pershing LLC, for the benefit of Maharishi University of Management, Account #: QGW-002404

NOTE 1: MIU’s brokerage account name is still Maharishi University of Management so use the above until further notice.

NOTE 2: Our Federal EIN/Tax ID Number: 42-1315493

Please fill out the form below and click the Submit button to send us a notification of your gift.