April 19, 2021 • ISSUE 568

Faqir Khan

Staying Agile in the Rapidly Changing Business Environment

MIU student Faqir Khan

Faqir Khan earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Lahore, Pakistan, and has continued to pursue his education in project management and IT through international certifications. He began to specialize in the project management methodology Agile, and when he wasn’t able to pay for a course he offered his work as payment. He became the youngest certified Agile coach in Pakistan and consulted with many companies internationally.

“I am passionate about gaining the latest knowledge and trends in technology,” he said. “I am a risk taker and I am excited to do new things.” Faqir realized that his specialized skills made him more valuable to clients, and he wanted to help others achieve the same. In 2019 he started a nonprofit company to train others how to be adaptable in highly competitive business environments. “I faced the same challenges when I started, so I am doing this for free,” he said.

Conducting a team productivity training session in Pakistan

After the COVID-19 epidemic hit and companies in Pakistan were downsizing, he switched to coaching people in resume writing and interviewing. Using his networking skills, he has helped over 2,000 people find jobs in the IT sector with firms outside Pakistan. He is especially proud of assisting many women, who face more hurdles in the job market.

When one of his friends planned to apply to MIU and came to him for encouragement, Faqir decided to support him by applying as well, and they both enrolled in February 2021. Faqir is pursuing an MBA in SAP Enterprise Resource Planning and business analytics.

Receiving a gold medal from the University of Lahore for graduating first in his class

Faqir appreciates Consciousness-Based℠ education and the depth of Maharishi’s knowledge. As an advocate of continuous self-improvement, he has already experienced significant changes as a result of his regular practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique. “I see myself as a different person,” he said. “I have more focus, and even though I am very busy, I don’t feel any pressure.”

Faqir is currently working on a research article on the impact of digital transformation on organizational sustainability and believes MIU is uniquely positioned to take the lead in this area and consult for other institutions.