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development@miu.eduDevelopment Office NewsThis includes emerging campaigns such as the Annual Fund, Capital Campaigns and other Development Office news and announcements
miu.achievements@miu.eduMIU AchievementsNews and profiles featuring MIU students, graduates, faculty and staff
Planned Giving NewsAlerts regarding wills, bequests, tax benefits and other financial instruments of interest to people doing estate planning
presidents.message@miu.eduLetters from the PresidentInspirational developments as well as fund-raising points from MIU President John Hagelin
press.bookstore@miu.eduMIU Press and BookstoreAnnnouncements of new books and other publications from MIU Press, and MIU Bookstore news EventsAlerts regarding upcoming in-person events sponsored by MIU
miu.webinars@miu.eduMIU WebinarsAlerts regarding upcoming webinars sponsored by MIU
academic.announcements@miu.eduAcademic NewsNews regarding academic programs at MIU
local.announcements@miu.eduFairfield Area AnnouncementsAnnouncements and event alerts of relevance to people living in the Fairfield area
originals.announcements@miu.eduThe Originals NewsNews and events of interest to TM teachers from the early days of teaching the TM program
tm.program.announcements@miu.eduTM Program alertsAlerts of relevance to people practicing the TM and TM-Sidhi programs America SupportNews of interest to supporters of the Invincible America Program
changemakers.announcements@miu.eduChangemaker EventsChangemaker Event News
istpp.announcements@miu.eduISTPP AnnouncementsAnnouncements from the Institute of Science, Technology and Public Policy

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