Dr. Michael Olmstead

Practicing ayurvedic pulse assessment

Consulting with a client at MIU’s new Maharishi AyurVeda Integrative Health Center

Michael Olmstead is a doctor of dental surgery who practiced biocompatible dentistry in California and New Zealand. He has also been a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation® technique since 1985 and has incorporated Maharishi AyurVeda® in his practice and personal life for decades.

Dr. Olmstead moved to Fairfield two years ago to participate in MIU’s Maharishi AyurVeda® programs. To formalize his decades of education, he enrolled in the MS in Maharishi AyurVeda and Integrative Medicine Program. In addition, he is teaching courses in anatomy, physiology, and modern health in the BA in Ayurveda Wellness and Integrative Health Programs and plans to develop a dental component for the master’s program.

“I love teaching; it makes me happy,” Dr. Olmstead said. “It’s been very gratifying and fulfilling to use my knowledge and experience and contribute to MIU and the community. ‘Knowledge is structured in consciousness.’ How awake and rested the teacher and the student are will significantly dictate the educational outcome. This process has effectively been shown to occur by using the Transcendental Meditation technique.”

Dr. Olmstead taught dentistry in Oahu, Hawaii, and he is currently a clinical instructor for the Dental Hygiene Program at Indian Hills Community College in Ottumwa, IA. He has been interviewed on over 300 health radio shows and has written numerous consumer-based dental articles.

Dr. Olmstead also lectures weekly at The Raj Ayurveda Health Spa, is certified in Maharishi Marma Therapy, and is a member of MIU’s steering committee for developing and enhancing the Maharishi AyurVeda programs.

In his free time, Dr. Olmstead enjoys spending time in the remote Alaskan wilderness hiking and rock climbing.