May 2, 2020

Dear Friends of MIU,

While there is never a ‘good time’ for a global pandemic, the Coronavirus hit at an awkward time: Right on the eve of our crucial 10-year Accreditation visit (Monday-Tuesday, May 4-5).

Just as that enormous, campus-wide Accreditation effort was reaching its climax, we were forced to cope with the Coronavirus threat!

Yet somehow, our amazingly dedicated MIU team has responded deftly and commendably* to the COVID challenge, for which we’ve received accolades from our city leaders. And more important—so far—have kept the virus entirely off of our campus.

(*Our COVID action steps can be viewed on our website:

Beyond the immediate health threat, COVID-19 poses severe economic challenges. Most Iowa colleges have closed. But since MIU is the only home and legal residence for many of our students, closing is not an option for us.

So, we adapted — with online, in-dorm-room learning and many other innovations. So, remarkably, we remain in full operation!

Despite that great achievement, the economic slowdown has caused a severe drop in our Computer Professional student hires. And that has had a serious impact on our cash flow.

Weathering this COVID storm will require more help from our precious MIU donor community than ever before. Thus, our Annual Giving Campaign has never been more important.

And thanks to you, that help is coming! In these recent weeks, we successfully raised $2 million in crucial endowment reserve funds. And now, due to a generous matching challenge grant, we have a precious opportunity to achieve another crucial $1 million.

Inside this 2020 Annual Giving Campaign brochure, you’ll hear about this and other important, inspiring opportunities.

Truly, MIU’s history has never looked as amazingly promising as it does right now:

Within the past few weeks, 6,218 new meditating students from across the country have just enrolled in our Introductory AyurVeda course. This is absolutely unprecedented in our University’s history. This surge of interest in AyurVedic medicine was sparked, no doubt, by the Coronavirus. We expect many of these students will want to join our full-time AyurVeda degree programs this Fall. (MIU has the only accredited AyurVeda degree programs in America!)

So, as Fräulein Maria famously said in The Sound of Music, “When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window!”

This entire year has been one of extraordinary progress for MIU. And even now, in the midst of COVID-19, we are poised for explosive growth.

We just need your help in carrying us through this Spring and Summer, and our future will be set.

We are on the threshold of achieving the size and the global reach that our Founder, Maharishi, envisioned for his flagship University of Consciousness-Based Education.

And with your precious help, we are poised to achieve that—and more.

All our devoted life-long faculty and staff, and all our wonderful students thank you for your generous support for MIU!

With warm wishes,

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John Hagelin

Maharishi University of Management

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