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MIU alumna Dominique Ragland began exploring natural medicine at 17, when she was experiencing digestive issues. First she started reading books about homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda. Then she became a massage therapist and joined an online course on Ayurveda.

MIU alumna Dominique Ragland

While attending Sacramento City College in California, she worked as a panchakarma massage technician at an ayurvedic clinic and also spent six weeks in Kerala, India, studying Ayurveda. In 2017 Dominique came to MIU at the recommendation of her colleagues who had attended the university.

Upon arriving she welcomed the curriculum, which allowed her to follow an ayurvedic lifestyle and daily routine. “I liked that you could incorporate everything you are learning in your waking life so that you can be successful,” she said. “You can read about what you are supposed to do, but having the firsthand experience is priceless to see what it can do for you.”

Doing wall art for MIU Mushroom Club


She also found the TM® technique beneficial and learned the TM-Sidhi® program. “TM is a really good technology for busy minds,” said Dominique. “It gave me the support and structure I needed to move past the mental chatter and experience what stillness was.”

Dominique graduated in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Ayurveda wellness and integrative health, and for her senior project she designed an ayurvedic travel kit that included spices, herbal tea, aromatherapy, and massage oil. In the future, she hopes to develop this idea into a business.


Dominique making herbalized oils at the Ayurveda Integral Health Sadhana Center in Medellín, Colombia, where she did an internship for Father Mejia’s Fundación Hogares Claret

She is currently pursuing a doctor of chiropractic degree at Life Chiropractic College West in California, where she is also treasurer of the university’s chapter of Student American Black Chiropractic Association (SABCA).

She wants to combine her education in Ayurveda and her experience in bodywork and open her own clinic.