Daniel collecting investment data for his internship


With Stuart Valentine, owner of Centered Wealth


Giving a presentation in class about his internship experience

MUM student Daniel Sharma began investing in financial instruments in high school. Inspired by his grandfather, who was a businessman, he opened a trading account so that he could buy shares of his favorite companies.

While earning his bachelor’s degree in business administration at the University of Toronto, Daniel completed a training program to obtain his investment banking certificate. In addition, he started his own investment club, wrote articles for the University of Toronto’s investment magazine, and regularly placed in the top three at the university’s stock market competitions. He also found the time to write and publish a book on Amazon advising students on creating a successful life.

After graduating in April 2017, he worked at a hedge fund in Montreal, and in August he enrolled at MUM. He chose MUM’s MBA program because of its focus on sustainability. “Learning about sustainable finance is much different from what you hear at every other university,” said Daniel.

“What I like about MUM is that they focus not only on your education, but on your well-being as an individual as well,” Daniel said. “I find TM very helpful, especially after a tiring day when you are looking at the screen all day—and it’s like throwing away the stress from your body.”

Daniel is motivated by long-term financial success which is not only dominated by profit but also by consideration of the environment and the stakeholders of the business. Soon after he arrived at MUM, he completed a two-month internship with Fairfield’s Centered Wealth, a socially responsible investment firm.

“Daniel helped us mine data on socially responsible investment funds and is now working to develop methods to construct model portfolios for our use next year,” said Stuart Valentine, owner of Centered Wealth.

Daniel also pursues investing as a hobby by trading stocks, futures, and cryptocurrencies, as well as sharing his tips and strategies with fellow students.