MBA student Daniel Ayalew Belay


With fellows students and faculty members in Dr. Andrew Bargerstock’s Enterprise Performance Management course


Daniel in Tanzania during an assignment

MUM student Daniel Ayalew Belay had already earned an MBA from Edinburgh Business School. However, he wanted to become an expert in SAP enterprise software, so he joined MUM’s MBA in SAP Finance Program.

Daniel, who is from Ethiopia, worked for the African Union Commission for over ten years, first coordinating the financial affairs of 12 offices located in various countries in Africa, then overseeing the financial and administrative activities of the African Union Mission in South Sudan.

For several years Daniel and his brother also ran a printing company in Addis Ababa. They even published several issues of their own magazine called Armemo, which means “silence” in Amharic, referring to Daniel’s interests in self-reflection and personal development.

At the beginning of his career Daniel wanted to discover how to live “a useful and successful life,” so he began reading personal development books. Over time he decided to share what he had learned with his friends and other youth by volunteering to give short courses on self-esteem, goal setting, and personal finance. So Daniel finds MUM’s focus on self-discovery and inner growth helpful.

“Being here in Fairfield is a break for me, since I have been working for 15 years,” said Daniel. “Now I can reflect on what I want to do in the future. I am enjoying my courses, but I don’t feel stressed.” In his free time, he is writing a book for young people on how to adapt to their environment, select the direction they want to take in life, and find the courage and motivation to accomplish their goals.

Daniel especially enjoyed participating in the Capstone online business simulation, where his team placed in the 94th percentile. He also gained valuable experience from doing a research project on how to support the accounting needs of Fairfield’s small businesses through mentoring, networking, and internship programs. “People are very supportive and cooperative here,” he said. “Everyone wants you to succeed.”

After completing his studies Daniel wants to return to Ethiopia, start his own consulting company, and continue writing about personal development.