General Endowment

General Endowment

MIU General Endowment Fund


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Why an endowment?

Every private college and university in America relies on an endowment as a permanent bedrock that supports their critical operations—and provides precious fuel for expansion.

Most important, an endowment helps ensure MIU’s long-term viability by providing crucial economic stability in a downturn.


An endowment fulfills this critical need. With the donor’s and trustees’ permission, the University can borrow temporarily against its Endowment to survive the coronavirus pandemic—as well as any future catastrophe.

A Golden Opportunity

With exciting new academic programs, students from 88 countries this year, new partnerships in other countries, and a campus being transformed through the generosity of our donors, the stage is set for MIU to transition from dependence on its human endowment to the security of a traditional cash/asset endowment — the kind of endowment that sustains the majority of colleges and universities in America.

As we prepare to celebrate our golden anniversary in 2021, we have a golden opportunity to create a $50,000,000 million endowment for MIU by June 30, 2021 — a springboard to long-term financial stability.

Please join us in this vital next step to help secure MIU’s next fifty years and beyond. If you cannot give now, please plan ahead and this will be your legacy. Please go to our Planned Giving webpage to learn how easy is to secure your future gift to MIU.

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Make an Endowment Gift Today

Giving by credit card or PayPal:







Other Ways of Giving to Support the Endowment:


You may qualify for significant tax advantages by giving stock to MIU.

See our Stock Gift Page to learn more.


MIU accepts crypto gifts in 32 kinds of cryptocurrency.

To make a crypto gift to the MIU Endowment use this form and mention “endowment” in the message to the non-profit box.

Talk To Us

Contact: Brad Mylett

IRA Charitable (Qualified Charitable Distributions)

You may be able to donate from your IRA account to MIU.

See our IRA Gift Page to see if you qualify.


Make a check payable to MIU and mail to:

Development Office
Maharishi International University
1000 North 4th Street
Fairfield, IA 52557

Please include the word “Endowment” in the check memo or attached note.

Bank Wire

Send a wire from your bank  to:

MidWestOne  Bank
100 East Burlington
Fairfield, Iowa 52556 USA
Routing # (also referred to as ABN #) 073901233

Maharishi International University
1000 North Fourth St.
Fairfield, IA 52557 USA
Account # 14-9825-8

Please include your name, the word donationand the sentence “Gift to the Endowment


Wells Fargo Wire Transfer Information:
Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.
Wells Fargo SWIFT/BIC Code: WFBIUS6S

Bank address, City & State:
Wells Fargo, 420 Montgomery Street,
San Francisco, CA 94104

Beneficiary Account Number: 000004122010531
Beneficiary Routing Number: 121000248

Beneficiary Name:
FAIRFIELD IA 52557-0001

Please include your name, the word donationand the sentence “Gift to the Endowment



Planned Giving

Securing the Future

The success of Maharishi International University will be measured by its direct and indirect effects on the quality of life everywhere. We will count ourselves successful only when the problems of today’s world are substantially reduced and eventually eliminated and the educational institutions of every country are capable of producing fully developed citizens.

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 1974

What is Planned Giving?

Many people like to support the institutions that mean the most to them with a gift through their will or trust, or other type of planned arrangement. These gifts, known as planned gifts, are usually, though not always, fulfilled upon the person’s passing.

Planned gifts provide a unique opportunity for you to create a lasting legacy.

They provide a way for you to pass on your values – what you have found to be most worthy of preserving for future generations.

Additionally, planned gifts are a way to achieve certain charitable and financial goals, and may yield certain federal tax advantages.

Who can give?

Everyone is welcome and invited to give. Often people think, “I don’t have an estate, I can’t make that kind of contribution.”

However, people from all walks of life can make a planned gift – not just the wealthy.

What can I give?

When most people think of making a gift, they think of writing a check or using a credit card. Planned gifts are usually made from people’s assets, such as cash, securities,

real estate, business interests, artwork, intellectual property, retirement plan assets, insurance policies, and investment accounts.

How do I make a planned gift to MIU?

Writing your will or living trust requires specific language that accurately identifies your gift. MIU recommends working with an estate planner or a lawyer versed in wills and trusts.

If you already have a will that does not include MIU, your lawyer can help you prepare a codicil in your will.

If you already have a living trust, your lawyer can help insert the instruction into your trust to make the desired distribution to MIU.

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Planned Gift Pledges

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2021-2023 Planned Gift Pledges Goal

Sometimes it's more complex

Planned giving can be designed in many ways. Sometimes it's more than just creating a will.

This is a fascinating area of financial knowledge, with all sorts of tools and varying benefits.

If you feel that your needs or wishes are more complicated than a normal will supports, we suggest that you consult with a family lawyer, legacy giving professional, and/or you can take advantage of our Professional Advisory Team (PAT).

In any case, it's all in the numbers and how they can best serve you and the causes to which you hope to leave a legacy gift.

Bequests, Beneficiary Designation Gifts and Charitable IRA Distributions are easy, flexible, and in some cases have tax benefits. And there are many other intriguing options (see below).

Income producing 

  • Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust
  • Charitable Remainder Unitrust
  • Sale and Unitrust
  • Give it Twice trust
  • Charitible Gift Annuity


Asset Protection 

  • Charitable Lead Trust
  • Charitable Bargain Sale
  • Life Estate Reserved

Tax Benefit

  • Stocks/Bonds
  • Retirement Assets
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate
  • Oil/Gas/Minerals
  • Cash

If you would like support on planned giving options, contact our MIU Gift Officer, who will either assist you directly or involve members of our Professional Advisory Team.

Eric Stakland