When you give to this fund, you are supporting the most needed project.

Our Spring 2023 Capital Campaign highlights major, transformational projects that are over 90% complete but are now sitting idle. The first six brand-new Vastu Suites at the Global Peace Village are 93% finished with new Sidha residents from across the country poised to move in. We just need the final $80,000 to provide the exterior landscaping, walks, and lovely green-space that will transform this historic new construction from desert to oasis.

Similarly, the reconstruction of Fairfield Business & IT Park into a gorgeous residential extension campus is more than 90% complete. With just a little help, we’ll have a beautiful expansion campus for more than 100 graduate “professional” students — from whom MIU derives most of its income.

The Cowhig Family Aquatic Center represents a truly stunning transformation of the campus, and a godsend for all our summer students, faculty, staff, families, and community. It’s more than half completed, but currently sitting idle.

Please consider supporting these important projects and several others highlighted as part of our crucial Capital Campaign. Please take these projects deeply to heart.