Saturday, May 23: The Physics of the Maharishi Effect

Saturday, May 23: The Physics of the Maharishi Effect

Saturday, May 23, 11:00 am

The Physics of the Maharishi Effect: Galactic Dark Matter, the Subtle Body, and Long-Range Quantum Entanglements

A Talk by President Hagelin

From Dr. Hagelin:

I’m excited about this topic, and I think you will be too. Breakthrough discoveries in galactic Dark Matter, combined with the latest developments in Quantum Computing and Quantum Teleportation provide new mechanisms for long-range, invisible interactions among humans.

This sheds new light on a mysterious but well-proven phenomenon called the Maharishi Effect: preventing social violence and promoting peace through the large-scale group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the more advanced TM-Sidhi program.

This is the second in our 3-part series of free weekly webinars from MIU.


Saturday, May 30: Universal Mind and the (non-)Collapse of the Wave Function

Saturday, May 30: Universal Mind and the (non-)Collapse of the Wave Function

Saturday, May 30, 11:00 am

Universal Mind and the (non-)Collapse of the Wave Function: Consciousness Is All That There Is

Talk by President Hagelin

Dr. Hagelin will repeat the keynote address he was invited to give at the “Copenhagen II: Quantum Mechanics 100 Years Later” conference in San Diego last October, which was met with a standing ovation.

Dr. Hagelin re-examines, in the light of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, the groundbreaking work on quantum measurement by the late, great theoretical physicist Murray Gell-Mann. He argues that the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics can be more naturally, more economically, and more satisfactorily interpreted as multiple branching story lines unfolding within the never-changing, indivisible wholeness of the Universal Wave Function (the Unified Field, Pure Consciousness).

This eliminates entirely the need to consider “wave function collapse” as a real phenomenon, and thereby circumvents the philosophically and technically thorny issues surrounding it.


Garden upgrades 2018

Garden upgrades 2018

Master MUM Landscape Designer Everett Day announces the full blossoming of two recent garden upgrade projects. The first three photos are near Hildenbrand Hall and the latter two near Verrill Hall.

Click on the thumbnails to see full size images.

Bunching Donations

Bunching Donations

If you’re charitably inclined but just short of surpassing the standard deduction, consider making two years’ worth of donations in 2018 to get over the hurdle so that you can itemize.

This is known as “bunching” or acclerated charitable deductions.

“My suggestion is to do zero or close to zero giving in one year and take the standard deduction,” said Jeff Fosselman, CPA and senior wealth advisor at Relative Value Partners in Northbrook, Illinois.

“The following year, load all of your charitable giving for two years into one,” he said.

If you’re over 70½ and taking required minimum distributions from a traditional IRA, consider transferring that money directly to a qualifying charity.

This move, known as the qualified charitable distribution, allows you to meet your RMDs and your charitable goals at the same time — and you won’t incur income taxes on the distribution.

“If you don’t get a tax deduction for the gift, you may as well do the qualified charitable distribution and not have to report it as income,” said Tom Steffen, director of advanced planning for Baird’s private wealth management group.

Article by MUM staff Member Brad Onasch, Co-Director, Invincible America Department