The MIU Development Department

As MIU nears its 50th anniversary, we can take great pride in looking back at the University’s historic achievements over the last half century.

MIU is the first and foremost University in the world to offer Consciousness-Based education. Education that has, at its very core, the experience of our infinite Self—the eternal field of Consciousness. Our education uniquely fulfills the ancient exhortation of the oracle at Delphi, “Know Thy Self.” It is education rooted in the eternal Vedic wisdom.

Through all these 50 years, MIU’s cherished benefactors have shown heroic, unwavering support. We honor you, and thank you, for contributing to this noble institution offering Education for Enlightenment—which stands as a model university for all time and for every nation.

Today, MIU is in a phase of tremendous, unprecedented growth. Especially in those core programs that uniquely feature Maharishi’s precious knowledge, like our Bachelors and Masters in Maharishi AyurVedasm, with nearly 300 students, and more than 400 expected in the coming year.

And yet, during this challenging time of the coronavirus pandemic, our immediate needs are particularly acute. Hence our Annual Giving Campaign holds unique and special urgency.

This year's Annual Giving Campaign has three vital objectives: