MUM student Angel Thordsen


With classmates and Professors John Collins and Joseph Holland in the Science and Technology of Consciousness class in August 2018


Rehearsing for a theatrical production with fellow MUM students


Angel (in the middle) with her two sisters

MUM student Angel Thordsen grew up in a military family, moving around the Midwest and the southern United States. She and her two sisters attended a different school every year, which helped Angel develop adaptability skills and become self-reliant.

Angel was looking for a college to attend when she saw an ad for MUM on Facebook. She liked the university’s focus on self-development and enrolled in August 2018. Angel also wanted to develop skills to help cope with her depression. Practicing the Transcendental Meditation® technique has helped her think more clearly, process stress more effortlessly, and not become overwhelmed by negative emotions. “I barely recognize the person I was before I got here,” she said. “I am not feeling helpless anymore.”

She decided to do an individualized major in business, focusing on entrepreneurship and sustainability. “It’s wonderful to be able to pick the classes that I think will benefit me, especially because I came with a goal in mind,” she said.

Angel and one of her sisters plan to open a coffee lounge in Austin, Texas, that would also serve as an art gallery and performance venue. She would like to distinguish their business by offering a quiet environment that she herself enjoys, instead of a noisy bustling establishment. In addition, she hopes to rely on her own resources and become sustainable by growing food, making ingredients, and managing the financial aspects of their business as well.

Inspired by MUM’s focus on growth, Angel wants to contribute to the university’s progress, so she joined MUM Student Government as vice-president. She wishes to help her fellow representatives accomplish their goals and make an impact on students’ experiences.