MUM alumnus Andrew Voskov

With his products at Everybody’s Whole Foods

With former employees

Andrew Voskov’s company was one of three Fairfield businesses recently featured in a video produced by Amazon showcasing small business owners. Andrew was selected because he has a long history with Amazon, having joined in 2011.

Andrew earned an MBA with an emphasis on entrepreneurship from MUM in 2004. He also studied Maharishi AyurVeda® and received a bachelor’s degree in Maharishi Vedic ScienceSM. Andrew had always wanted to run his own business, and his interest in marketing and health led to the development of several health food products, which he started selling in 2006.

His first product was an ayurvedic coffee substitute, followed by herbal teas, spice mixes, and ghee. In addition to Amazon, his products are sold at Everybody’s Whole Foods in Fairfield and on his website, Tasty Superfoods.

Andrew credits MUM for helping him discover his career goals. “MUM is really good at nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit,” he said. “Having the ability to connect with yourself through the Transcendental Meditation technique is really an entrepreneurial pursuit. Entrepreneurship is becoming self-sufficient. My education gave me the clarity to have a direction.”

In today’s competitive and rapidly changing markets, Andrew has learned the importance of innovation and new product development for continued growth and survival. He is currently building a new business with a line of health food products for the expanding ketogenic diet niche.

Creating businesses and inventing products are two of the things Andrew enjoys doing most. His long-term goal is to keep developing new brands, make them successful, and then sell them to investors.

As a serial entrepreneur, he is constantly under pressure to monitor current trends, emerging marketplaces, and fluctuations of supply and demand. “TM is a powerful way of reducing the stress and worry of running a business and getting the mind to focus on what you need for the next level of success,” he said. “It’s an essential tool.”