MIU Students in China Send Protective Masks to Fairfield Campus

MIU Students in China Send Protective Masks to Fairfield Campus

PhD student Yong Xu

MBA student Yi (Erin) Zhang

MS in computer science student Longxiang Xiao

Nurses Vina Miller and Sallie Morgan with the face shields and infrared thermometer received from Mr. Xu.

Longxiang Xiao and his friends fundraising for face masks at MIU’s Argiro Center

When Chinese students heard about MIU’s need for personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several of them stepped up by donating masks. PhD student Yong Xu has sent 50 face shields, 500 KN95 masks, and four infrared thermometers from China. He has also donated 2,000 disposable surgical masks, with 500 already received and the rest on the way. Mr. Xu is a business owner who is completing his PhD in management at MIU’s Shanghai China program. He heard about MIU’s need for masks from Professor Scott Herriott during a class.

“With the deepening of my study, I have learned more about Maharishi International University,” said Mr. Xu. “I think it is a magical university, and I like its teaching characteristics of developing human wisdom and its educational concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. I hope the global outbreak will be over as soon as possible, and I wish Maharishi International University well, to pass on good education to more people.”

MBA student Yi (Erin) Zhang has donated 2,000 disposable masks. Due to customs issues, she had to send the masks in 20 different shipments to 20 individuals at MIU, and they all have arrived. Both students have gone to great length to send their shipments, in spite of various customs and shipping restrictions.

Here is what Yi said about her inspiration: “Because of the severe epidemic in China, masks became scarce. At that time, MIU sent us masks from the United States, which was very touching. Furthermore, MIU has built an excellent learning platform for us, and classes have not been suspended during the epidemic. Sending these masks is a trivial expression of my gratitude.”

The surgical masks are provided to students who have off-campus doctors’ appointments, to faculty members who have to travel home after teaching here, and for students returning to campus from home. Masks have also been distributed to employees in the mailroom and food service. MIU faculty member Yunxiang Zhu also proactively purchased 200 KN95 masks for the MIU clinic in February.

“These supplies are very difficult to find in the US, and we were very excited to receive them,” said Vina Miller, head of the nurses’ office at the campus clinic.

In addition, MS in computer science student Longxiang Xiao contributed 600 masks that have been distributed to students through Student Activities. Longxiang first initiated a fundraiser in March, soon after the outbreak in Wuhan, China. He not only raised $2,500, but he also purchased the masks and found a shipping agent and a volunteer group to distribute the masks in hospitals in Wuhan. When a month later MIU was in need of surgical masks, he began a second fundraiser among his Chinese friends to purchase masks for MIU students.

“The Chinese have a saying: ‘The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring,’” said Longxiang. “MIU students, teachers, and staff helped Chinese hospitals before, when they were in a very bad situation, so it was time for us to help you!”

Saturday May 16: Late-Breaking News of Maharishi International University

Saturday May 16: Late-Breaking News of Maharishi International University


Saturday, May 16, 11:00 am

Late-Breaking News of Maharishi International University
with President John Hagelin and other university leaders

  • Our 10-year comprehensive accreditation visit last week
  • Booming demand: Thousands of newly enrolled students
  • COVID-19 and and how we are addressing it
  • Government support and financial outlook
  • Your questions
  • and more


Saturday, May 23: The Physics of the Maharishi Effect

Saturday, May 23: The Physics of the Maharishi Effect

Saturday, May 23, 11:00 am

The Physics of the Maharishi Effect: Galactic Dark Matter, the Subtle Body, and Long-Range Quantum Entanglements

A Talk by President Hagelin

From Dr. Hagelin:

I’m excited about this topic, and I think you will be too. Breakthrough discoveries in galactic Dark Matter, combined with the latest developments in Quantum Computing and Quantum Teleportation provide new mechanisms for long-range, invisible interactions among humans.

This sheds new light on a mysterious but well-proven phenomenon called the Maharishi Effect: preventing social violence and promoting peace through the large-scale group practice of Transcendental Meditation and the more advanced TM-Sidhi program.

This is the second in our 3-part series of free weekly webinars from MIU.


Saturday, May 30: Universal Mind and the (non-)Collapse of the Wave Function

Saturday, May 30: Universal Mind and the (non-)Collapse of the Wave Function

Saturday, May 30, 11:00 am

Universal Mind and the (non-)Collapse of the Wave Function: Consciousness Is All That There Is

Talk by President Hagelin

Dr. Hagelin will repeat the keynote address he was invited to give at the “Copenhagen II: Quantum Mechanics 100 Years Later” conference in San Diego last October, which was met with a standing ovation.

Dr. Hagelin re-examines, in the light of Maharishi’s Vedic Science, the groundbreaking work on quantum measurement by the late, great theoretical physicist Murray Gell-Mann. He argues that the “Many Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics can be more naturally, more economically, and more satisfactorily interpreted as multiple branching story lines unfolding within the never-changing, indivisible wholeness of the Universal Wave Function (the Unified Field, Pure Consciousness).

This eliminates entirely the need to consider “wave function collapse” as a real phenomenon, and thereby circumvents the philosophically and technically thorny issues surrounding it.


MBA Students Receive Scholarships for CMA Exam

MBA Students Receive Scholarships for CMA Exam

Professor Ye Shi (Linlin) is in charge of the CMA preparation and scholarship nomination

The nine CMA scholarship recipients

Professor Ye Shi with an intermediate accounting class during a Christmas party

Professors Andrew Bargerstock (very back, left) and Naveed Abbasi (back row, second from right) with a group of MBA accounting students

The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) recently awarded prestigious scholarships to nine MIU students to facilitate passing the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam. The nine students are in the MBA Accounting and MBA SAP Finance programs and were nominated by the accounting department.

Scholarship recipients are Habtu Dessie, Wajahat Zahir, Lake Kebie, Ram Neupane, Lianyan Huang, Merveille A Djappi Tiani, Md Tamjid Alam Adnan, Sharmila Shrestha, and Rasoul Nowroozi. The students come from various countries, including Cambodia, Pakistan, China, Ethiopia, and Nepal.

“MIU’s MBA program not only gave me solid knowledge about SAP information systems, but also prepared me for the US working environment,” said Lianyan Huang. “The CMA credential is very valuable in my home country, with respect and great salary. I appreciate the opportunity that the IMA gave me and the help MIU offered.”

Recipients of the CMA scholarship receive a comprehensive package of benefits, including a three-year IMA membership, waived registration and first attempt exam fees, access to exam support package, and the Wiley CMA study resources, with a total value of $3,000. The IMA has 90,000 members in 140 countries worldwide. The CMA is recognized globally as an important certificate for corporate and nonprofit accounting.

“Coming from Nepal and studying at Maharishi University with the benefit of the Transcendental Meditation technique helped me to excel in the knowledge in accounting and finance module. With the CMA scholarship, I believe I can enhance my cognitive ability in accounting and apply the knowledge gained in the professional field,” said Ram Neupane.

CMA review courses are part of the MIU curriculum. While pursuing an MBA degree, students have the opportunity to prepare for and earn the CMA credential.

“It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction that two years ago I made the right decision of joining MIU, since its MBA program for professionals offers a perfect blend of theory and practical training,” said Wajahat Zahir. “The accounting faculty is exceedingly learned and proficient at their subjects and opened new vistas of knowledge and understanding of accounting. Besides, I’ve recently been awarded the coveted IMA scholarship for completing my CMA certification. This inspires me to expand my horizons and strive for excellence.”

Most of the scholarship recipients have already concluded their on-campus studies and are currently completing their two-year paid practical training with US companies.