2019 Capital Campaign


New Strength, New Challenges

MIU is in a period of unprecedented growth. Our Standard Program enrollments are up 36% this year and our Compro enrollments continue to achieve exponential growth.

Some highly attractive new undergraduate programs, especially online, have become a major growth engine. We have just reached $1 million in total revenues from our online programs.

All this exciting growth has brought new strength — as well as new challenges: We must keep pace with the growing demands on faculty and facilities.


2019 MIU Capital Campaign

Fully Funded: $2,627,400

The five “HighRise” residence halls house over 300 graduate students enrolled in our Computer Professionals Program. We have invested significantly in maintaining and upgrading these buildings, but they need further work to provide a modern level of comfort.

Thanks to Jeffrey and Rona Abramson, two of the five buildings have just undergone major renovations. The remaining three are now a top priority for similar infrastructure and cosmetic improvements.

Top Priority:

  • Comprehensive individual room upgrades for buildings 140, 141, and 142.
  • These include new carpet, new paint, refurbishing built-in furniture (bookshelves, closets), and new standalone furniture (dressers, beds, and window blinds).
  • Total: 192 rooms x $1,000/room (average) = $192,000

Secondary Priorities:

  • Final touches to buildings 143 and 144, including mirrors, countertops, and sinks = $38,400
  • Build a commercial-grade kitchen and dining area = $24,000
  • Replace fire escapes on two buildings still in need = $65,000
  • Total = $127,400

Third Priorities:

  • Replace large plate glass windows in all five buildings = $25,000
  • Install fresh air ventilation equipment = $72,000
  • Manage groundwater drainage = $50,000
  • Total = $147,000

Fully Funded:  $466,400*

*Note: Special thanks to the Rona and Jeffrey Abramson Foundation

Architect's rendering of new Arts Center design

The Arts Center is a 30,000 sq. ft. original Parsons College building and former student union that houses two popular undergraduate programs: our highly acclaimed Fine Arts major and our award-winning, technology-driven Media & Communications major.

Major renovations are vitally needed to keep the building safe, comfortable, and dignified — and to totally transform our student and visitor experience there:

Work Needed:

  • Roof and soffit repair = $25,000
  • East facade exterior repairs = $45,000
  • North parking lot resurface = $75,000
  • New HVAC with zone controls = $250,000
  • Create lower-level access ramp = $35,000
  • Interior cosmetics and re-flooring in select areas = $14,000
  • Handicap access improvements = $12,000
  • East entrance stairway at ground level = $23,000
  • South, west, and north facade cosmetic repairs = $16,000
  • Groundwater management for lower level leakage problem = $2,000

Fully Funded:  $497,000*

*Note: Thanks to the Wege Foundation matching funds were made available for this important project.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and one of Southeast Iowa’s most historic buildings, Henn Mansion was built in 1857 by U.S. Representative Bernhardt Henn.

Today the building houses our Development Office and provides lovely space on the ground floor for meetings, receptions, and celebrations.

Thanks to generous donations from the Wege Foundation, we have invested significantly in restoring this beautiful, north-facing mansion from the ground up.

Due to prevalent hidden structural deterioration, recent renovations exceeded the original budget. Several smaller yet important renovations will bring the building to the standard we wish.

Fully Funded: $258,000

Proposed residential Visitors Center entails a major renovation of Frat 152.

The number of people visiting our campus is increasing markedly. They include the rising number of students enrolled in our online degree programs with a low residency component, in which students come to campus as a group for one, two, or four weeks twice a year.

We have 250 students enrolled in our new and rapidly expanding BA, MS, and PhD programs in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine (MAVIM). These students rotate continuously throughout

the year to receive their hands-on clinical training.
The Center will also house prospective students, who arrive on campus throughout the year for Visitors Weekends, which play a pivotal role in student recruitment.
And it will provide much-needed quality space for our core Consciousness-BasedSM student programs: TM Retreats and Forest Academies — as well as for visiting faculty and VIP guests.


  • Private bathroom for every guest room (x 39 rooms) = $453,500
  • Common areas upgraded = $65,000
  • Furniture = $88,000
  • Final refurbishing of Frat 114 to relocate Frat 152 occupants = $50,000

Fully Funded: $656,000

NOTE: This project benefited from a matching funds gift

Our Sustainable Living Department has just launched a major expansion and upgrade of its Regenerative Organic Agriculture Program (ROAP): adding a brand new Master of Science degree, and transforming its current Bachelor of Arts to a Bachelor of Science degree in Regenerative Organic Agriculture.

The career opportunities for graduates of these professionally oriented programs are far superior, and consequently, the market appeal will be far

greater for today’s career oriented students. There is currently an acute and growing demand across the entire food industry for experts in organic agriculture.

To give strength and authority to these program upgrades, the Sustainable Living department is establishing a Chair of AgroEcology. We have a strong candidate for this position: a world-renowned dynamic educator with a decades-long history working with the Food

and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. She has built a global reputation in sustainable, organic and regenerative agriculture, with a focus on research, education, and administration of departmental programs.

Currently, she is Professor of AgroEcology at a university in the UK, and has been practicing the TM program for several years.

Fully Pledged: $75,000 per year for four years

(including secretarial support)

We would like to buy this beautiful 26,282 sq. ft. Vastu building located on campus to provide valuable office and classroom space.

The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) has expressed that our currently “far-flung” Business Department needs to consolidate into a single building that is easily accessible to students.

In addition, the Physiology and Health Department is expanding rapidly and needs to be housed, alongside Distance Education, in a single location. The GateRidge building is ideal for all these needs.

MIU would also receive rental income from existing tenants.

Discounted sale price = $2,100,000 ($79/sq. ft.)

Building purchased 2019, but donations are welcome to retire the loan.

ChangeMakers – Global Leadership Center

Gen Z” students — students born in 1995 and thereafter — started arriving in US colleges and universities five years ago. They are ethnically diverse, and have been described as “the world’s first truly global generation.”

They are practical and career oriented. They are passionate about changing the world. 75% are worried about the environment, and 60% would like to have a job that makes the world a better place.

“They’re not simply dreaming about making a difference someday in the future, they’re already doing it.”— Forbes magazine

Our new ChangeMakers – Global Leadership Center offers our students the personal and professional skills they need to succeed in careers centered around service to others —and create positive change in the world.

The Center offers a suite of training packages that provide proficiency and/or certification in

  • leadership skills
  • communication skills
  • health and life coaching
  • professional consulting
  • conflict resolution

Specialized Training for Teachers of Transcendental Meditation®

One area is especially dear to us: giving new TM teachers the additional, specialized training they need to teach in areas where demand is strong. These include:

Government-funded programs serving veterans and others with PTSD and/or addictions
Public schools offering the “TM/Quiet-Time” program, including multi-million dollar Crime Lab projects in Chicago and New York
Corporate settings
Standard training for TM teacher certification does not include special training to treat veterans and others with addictions or PTSD — treatments that are typically delivered in specialized facilities, such as VA hospitals, which follow strict regulatory guidelines.

Special training courses for students in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine

The Global Leadership Center will also offer special training courses for our nearly 250 students in Maharishi AyurVeda & Integrative Medicine. These students gain excellent knowledge and clinical acumen, but they also need motivational and people skills to be effective health coaches and health practitioners — as well as business and practical skills to succeed (and to navigate the numerous regulations that govern alternative medical practice, which differ from state to- state).

The Global Leadership Center will also house all our business-related mentoring and coaching, including our new Workplace Conflict Resolution Masters program just approved by the Higher Learning Commission.

Fully Funded:  = $150,000 per year for three years

Open Projects: $825,000

The newly named Grace Ananda Recreation Center — used constantly by students, faculty, staff, and townspeople — has recently been transformed by generous donor contributions.

These renovations include:

  • New flooring ($239,730) for four multipurpose courts — basketball, pickleball, floor hockey, table tennis — and a jogging track.
  • New high-tech fans ($45,440) to keep the building cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
  • LED Lighting ($58,000) which has transformed the interior with brighter, more evenly diffused lighting — while saving more than $40/day in energy costs.

Prior Support – expended in 2018-9 – $343,170

Funding still needed = $52,120

MIU’s flagship building, the Argiro Student Center, is used 15 hours a day, 365 days a year. Approximately 800 people use this multi-purpose 55,000 sq. ft. building daily.

We have just completed substantial renovations, including redesigning and replacing our front entrance stairs with golden Anamosa limestone slabs, resurfacing our sustainably- harvested bamboo dining room floor, and re-carpeting and painting Dalby Hall.

WORK STILL NEEDED: (in priority order)

  1. Interior painting = $25,000
  2. Handicap-accessible main entrance lift = $65,000
  3. Energy efficient airlock vestibule for main entrance = $20,000

Helping deserving students gain the benefit of an MIU education

Every year hundreds of highly deserving students — many from the US, many from abroad — apply to Maharishi International University.

We offer a generous scholarship program. But sometimes students require a bit more assistance than the US Department of Education will provide and that we can offer in the form of institutional aid.

Often there’s just a small gap between what students can afford and what they need — typically less than $4,000 per year. A scholarship fund would therefore allow many more well-qualified students to attend MIU.

This is a high-leverage donation: It not only enables more students to attend, it allows us to capture the funds (federal and family) that they themselves can bring.

Grateful Student Comments:

Younes Kouider

My education at MIU has offered me the unique opportunity to explore my inner self in a spiritually supportive environment and to pursue my art education with top-level faculty.

“I come from Algeria where the dollar is equal to 118 times the Algerian Dinar and where minimum wages start at $190 USD per month. For me, a scholarship was the only way I could study abroad in the wonderful community of MIU.

“I am immensely grateful for the donors, who through their generosity have made my dream to attend MIU come true.” — Younes Kouider, Fine Arts Major

Diego Treto

“My education here at MIU opened my eyes to a new world. I realized that with the help of TM I can be a leader of global peace and empower millions of people living in poverty.

“I’d like to thank and appreciate the donors of MIU for recognizing the value and potential of us students. They know that a global awakening is happening and that MIU is at the forefront of this change.”

— Diego Treto, Individualized Major

Total funding needed = $200,000

We are about to receive final permission from the Higher Learning Commission to offer the only accredited doctorate in Ayurveda in the United States.

This professional doctorate will be a major step forward in establishing MIU’s preeminence in this field, and will create world-class Maharishi AyurVeda health experts who are fully equipped to become leaders in this important, emerging field of medicine.

Overseeing the DAVIM program will be world-renowned Maharishi AyurVeda vaidya Dr. Manohar Palakurthi, who worked longer and more closely with Maharishi than any other vaidya at restoring the AyurVedic wisdom to its full purity and power.

The integrative / allopathic medical component of the curriculum is being spearheaded by renowned cardiac surgeon, integrative medicine expert and curriculum design specialist Abraham Bornstein, M.D., together with Komal Marwaha, M.D., Ph.D, recent Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Physiology at the Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, at Punjab University in India.

Based on the demonstrated success of our BAAW and MAVIM programs, our marketing team believes this doctoral program will be a highly successful, highly profitable program, at an appropriately high price.

Project development = $60,000
Initial market launch = $75,000

Zimmerman Drive – Completion

Our new Visitors Center truly warrants a refurbishment of the portion of Zimmerman Drive from B Street to the Men’s Dome parking lot. Zimmerman Drive is a major campus thoroughfare. Hundreds of people drive this route daily, including most of our visitors arriving on campus for the first time. Through the generous help of Bruce and Annamaria Currivan, the western portion from Hwy 1 was recently refurbished and is in fine shape. The eastern section, servicing the new Visitors Center, Women’s Dome, Dome Market, and Frats, needs repaving. Funding needed = $150,000

Verrill and Hildenbrand Halls – Parking Lot

Through generous donations over the last few years, MIU has invested over $2 million renovating these two important buildings. Verrill Hall is primarily a classroom facility for our Computer Professionals Program and Hildenbrand Hall is a residence hall for our women students. Both buildings are now in excellent condition. However the parking lot connecting the two buildings on the north end, which serves hundreds of commuters and residents, needs repaving. Funding needed = $100,000

New Sidewalks & Outdoor Lighting

In our efforts to maintain high standards of campus safety and comfort, great progress has been made in the last two years. But there are still key areas that need attention:

      • Repair the sidewalk from the Dreier Administrative Center to the Argiro Student Center.
      • Build a new sidewalk to connect the student residence halls on the north campus to the Argiro Student Center and the main campus.
      • Install new or refurbished lighting in several dark areas on campus.

    Funding needed = $108,00

Swimming Pool

From late Spring to early Fall, the pool is used continuously by students, faculty, staff, and families — and indeed the whole community. If it is to continue to operate next summer, repairs are needed. Repairs to the pool and pool deck, and landscaping for efficient drainage = $60,000 Repairs to the pool house roof and pump room ceiling = $10,000 Funding needed = $70,000

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